Simple Financial Education

A quick guide to my preferred methods and resources when it comes to investing.


  • Fidelity Investments (customer support, best pricing)
  • Etrade (top web platform)
  • Voyager (cryptocurrency with dividends)

Rules to follow when buying stocks:

  • Do not buy on ‘green’ days, remember it’s a percentage game not a fixed dollar game. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is an emotional danger. Do not be controlled by emotion.
  • Hold long term investments when possible (longer than 12 months). The 11% long term gain tax is much better than your normal income tax.
  • Buy dividend stocks and reinvest the dividends. Compounding interest over the long term is a multiplier of profits.


What is option trading?

Disclosure: Ryan is not an officially licensed financial advisor. Please do as much research as possible and invest at your own risk.